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Vitrix Gladio T
  • Vitrix Gladio T

    .308 Win. (1/11)
    .260 Remington (1/8.5)
    6,5 Creedmoor (1/8.5)


    6 kg (13.23 lb) with an empty magazine, muzzle brake, barrel length 26”
    and no scope

    Closed overall length: 975 mm (38.39”)
    Open overall length: 1242 mm (48.90”)
    With muzzle brake and barrel length 26”

    Lothar Walther lapped match-grade button rifled barrel in AISI 420
    Buttstock with horizontal and vertical multiple button adjustments, and an insulated cheek piece
    Double stack and double feed 10-round metal magazine
    Reversible EVO button folding system
    Octagonal elliptic forend with M-LOK® system, a 20 MoA integrated monobloc top rail and an integrated monobloc rail for mounting a bipod according to STANAG 4694/Mil std 1913
    Ergonomic and interchangeable flat top grip for standard AR platform
    20 MoA integrated action rail according to STANAG 4694/Mil std 1913
    Victrix ProAngle detachable muzzle brake featuring 3 forward-canted chambers
    Short action in AISI 630 worked out from billet through milling and turning. Bolt with six symmetric lugs, dirt/ice grooves integral
    Matt PVD finish on the action and polished PVD finish on the bolt
    Victrix Professional Dual-stage trigger, convertible to a single stage trigger, with two positions top safety
    Protective bag for a safe transport
    Explorer case for transport with military specifications cod. 13513
    User manual and welcome kit

    Every and each component made of light alloy undergoes a 30 micron hard black anodising
    Finish: hard black anodised

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