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Lee Turret

Lee Turret

Turret Press

Our Turret presses can operate at near progressive speed, switch cartridges in seconds, and with experienced hands, can reload up to 250 rounds an hour. All presses feature solid steel linkage.

All Turret Presses are equipped with the Lee Lever Prime System with large and small primer arms. Features lift out convenience, and works in conjunction with the Lee Safety Prime. 

Value Turret Press (recommended for handgun)

  • Power and strength to spare, plus unequalled convenience. This Lee Turret Press really shines when loading large quantities of handgun ammunition. 
  • The auto index feature on the 4 Hole Turret Press is capable of loading cartridges with an overall length of 2.313" or less. Anything longer would require the turret to be manually advanced. 

Classic Turret Press (recommended for both handgun and rifle)

  • A machine that does it all This press has all the features of the award-winning Turret Press with the quality touches that make this the finest, most convenient press to own. Your first stroke of the hardwood gripped lever will convince you this is one solid, silky smooth press.
  • Cast iron construction and solid steel linkage.
  • Our Classic Turret Press also has the auto index feature, and is capable of loading cartridges with auto index engaged with an overall length of 3.75" or less. Deactivate the auto-index, and cases over 4" can be loaded.

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